Flowers Timber Co. Inc.

Exporters of Round Logs

We specialize in the export of North American hardwoods.  Our product portfolio includes saw grade and veneer grade logs.  Our veneer grade logs support both rotary and vertical veneering.  We provide random length as well as fixed length logs.  Our products ship from east coast ports of the USA.  Our services include fumigation and/or USDA phytosanitary inspections.  We accept payment either via Letters of Credit or via wire transfer.

Our current product species include:
(click on a species to view pictures from our yard)

Ash Gum (Tupelo)
Basswood  Hackberry 
 Beech  Hemlock
Cherry  Hickory
Cottonwood Oak (Red)
Cypress Oak (Red)
 Elm (Grey)  Oak (White)
Elm (Red)
 Gum (Red) 
Gum (Sap)

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